Monday, June 20, 2005

What Matters

What matters.
Rating: Pg13, Angst, Hurt/comfort
Summary: After the homecoming, only two people really dwelled on who the scarecrow had been.

What matters.

Clark could feel Lex watching him carefully for weeks afterward, but that was okay. He understood Lex and knew that as long as he made sure that it didn't matter, Lex wouldn't say anything to any one.

So, it didn't matter, it couldn't matter, it wouldn't matter. He'd make sure of it. It wouldn't matter, and not just because of Lex but the others also. Because if it mattered and the others said something... or worse said nothing... then... well, he didn't know what then, but it would be bad. That much he was certain of-- it would be the end of everything as he knew it. But, only if he let it matter.

So, when the his cup of cocoa shattered in his hand after he watched Lana kissing Whitney, he swallowed his pride, ignored the jibes and smirks of the others around him, and told himself that it didn't matter.

When Whitney made his half-hearted apology attempt, Clark brushed him off swearing under his breath that it was nothing and it wouldn't matter.

When the football team started perching at the school's front entry, he slipped around to the door by the cafeteria and told Chloe and Pete that it was just because the side door was closer to his locker. Not that it mattered.

When he missed the bus and walked home, he took rural route 75... the one that didn't pass by Reilly field because it gave him a great view of the lake on his way home. And, a nice view was all that mattered when you were going to be walking an extra thirty minutes anyhow.

When he woke up chilled and sweating, unable to get back to sleep, he wrapped the blankets tighter around his shoulders, pulled out his text book and studied because a few hours more or less of sleep wouldn't matter in the long run.


Lex tried to be discreet about his surveillance of Clark, but he was well aware that Clark knew he was being watched. Often, when he noticed Lex's presence, Clark would adopt his best I'm-fine-thank-you smile though it was clearly forced, and straighten up or even wave just to let Lex know that things were going on just like normal. While Lex appreciated the attempt, he was all to aware that matters were never that simple.

Nevertheless, he felt it was ultimately Clark's decision to discuss with anyone else and would not interfere unless it became obvious that he needed to take matters into his own hands.

So, while he didn't ignore it when Clark flinched away from Whitney breaking a coffee mug in the process, Lex held his tongue.

When Clark gave Whitney the well-deserved brush off, he almost but didn't cheer because it soon became apparent that Clark was going to let the incident slide and wasn't even going to mention it to Lana when it would have been definitely in his best interests to do so.

But, when he watched Clark slip out the high school’s side entrance to avoid the jock convention prowling the front gates and head out the old truck road, Lex began to rethink his decision.

When Clark started avoiding the main highway, taking the back road that added almost twice the distance to his walk home, Lex started to patrol the truck route when ever his schedule allowed in hopes getting they would have a chance to speak privately.

Finally, when he escorted Clark home after finding him asleep in the middle of the road, he waited on the porch until the Kents settled their son into his room and surprised them with a quiet declaration on their return: “We have some matters to discuss.”


Form his bed, Clark listened to their discussion, waiting listlessly for the end of everything as he knew it. But, as he drifted off to sleep, the change he was waiting for was replaced with a realization that had been building daily since Lex had taken him down from the cross in Reilly field.

When it mattered most, he would have his family to turn to… his family to watch out for him… his family and Lex.


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