Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Chapter 38- Confidences

As they reached the top of the steps at the third floor, Clark doubled over again when another wave of nausea caught him mid-stride. Watching his friend with concern, Lex knew, before he even saw the window or the ledge that Clark was in no shape to make the trip with him. Grimly, Lex stopped and sat on the step beside Clark—waiting for the latest spell to stop.

“Clark,” he asked when his friend had stopped gulping for air, “are you absolutely certain that there isn’t any other way out.”

“No.” Clark answered, shaking his head wearily as he continued, “if they left anyone here to keep an eye on us and I’m sure they have… it would be downstairs on the first floor.

All of the other windows have been sealed, and so has the emergency exit to the roof. There’s only the window.”

“You seem very sure of that.” Lex pressed—deciding it was time to get the full scoop.

Folding his arms over his knees, and pressing his chin onto his crossed arms, and Clark conceded wearily, "I'm the person who sealed the windows."


Knowing that while he may not have much time left to get Lex out--once Lex was out the window--so was his last chance to explain, Clark took a deep breath and steeled himself to explain. Recognizing victory, Lex sat back against the wall and waited—despite the chance that someone could come at anytime.

“On my summer vacation,” Clark began with an ironic almost bitter note, “I came to Metropolis… and…”

Finding it difficult to know where exactly to start, Clark cast about with six or seven different starts before finally coming to the point “I went on a crime spree.”

Lex’s surprised laughter died quickly as Clark dropped his chin—pulling his forehead down into the crook of his arms. His movement reminded Lex forcefully of an armadillo rolling into a ball trying to protect itself. Although Lana and Chloe had hinted as much, the thought of Clark knowingly involved in something criminal had not seemed quite real until he heard it from Clark.

“You’re serious?”

“Very,” Clark answered, “I did a lot of things… that I’d... rather forget: I partied…hard, rented expensive apartments, gambled, drank, got into fights, slept with... people... alot, and stole to pay for everything... and ... everyone.”


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