Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Chapter 36: Speculations

Graham flipped through the summer’s thicker than usual stack of unsolved cases folders, certain that he was on the right track.

By the time he reached the bottom of the stack, Graham had sorted out twenty-seven folders; the pattern of bullets had been significant—pointing him toward an impossible subject: Morgan Edge.

Or, Graham thought to himself, an unknown person in Edge's 'company' who hasn't been active since Edge's reported death. But, that's almost too much of a coincidence, and everyone else thought to be in on Edge's operations had looong rap sheets and were too well known for him to think it was any of one of them.

All but eleven of the twenty-seven, Graham was certain could have been closed with a single name —-Morgan Edge—- if he could have found a single witness willing to chance crossing Edge.

But the anomalous eleven stood out for some peculiarity in each, that marked it distinctly outside of Edge’s well established, rarely-varying M.O.’s. In several of them, witnesses where alive who wouldn’t have been otherwise—and each with mild concussions from precisely applied almost pinpoint blows. In other cases security guards and local patrol cars were carefully distracted by false alarms at the extreme edges of their patrol.

Not that Edge ever tried to draw police attention, but his operations were enacted with callous disregard of the life of any witness, security guard, or police officer who stumbled across them. What made these and the other eleven summer cases distinct was their clear avoidance of unnecessary violence… to the extent that two of the incidents were even aborted mid-stream when the break ins were stumbled on by potential witnesses: something unheard of from Edge.

But what truly intrigued Graham was the seeming omnipotence (with regard to security systems and cameras) of whoever planned the eleven cases and the Metropolis savings and loan robbery. Inexplicably chaotic and violent thought it was, the robbery nevertheless evinced the common characteristic of it’s planner seeming to know exactly where every security junction box, trip, and camera were. The suspects in each incident were never caught on any of the very complex security systems’cameras. Whoever was involved seemed to know the blueprint for every system and its weaknesses.

Tossing the other sixteen cases aside, Graham loaded the eleven in his briefcase and called down to the garage to have his car ready.

It’s time to have a look around at some of Edge’s old haunts.


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