Tuesday, May 17, 2005

When Lex Realized

Title: When Lex realized
Genre: PG13, Established Relationship, humor
Disclaimers: If I owned them, Lex would be in the spandex and Clark in the Silk.
Summary: Lex reconsiders friends fashion choices.

When Lex Realized.

When Lex realized that his old friend, Bruce Wayne was Batman, he developed an attraction for black leather, brooding men, and utility belts.

When Lex realized that his date, Diana Prince was Wonder Woman, he cultivated a fascination for gold ropes, domineering women, and the mile high club.

When Lex realized that his best friend, Clark Kent was Superman, he became obsessed with finding a tailor who refused to work with Spandex, Speedos, or Flannel.


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