Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chapter 31: Bluffs

In his surprise, Lex felt the familiar sense he that sometimes had of time seeming to stretch out into nanoseconds kicking in and letting him observe Clark’s action in minute detail.

After the initial outburst, as Clark’s hands closed on Lex’s shoulders, his anger seemed to drop away into sad resignation. But as it seemed to seep away, instead of stopping, Clark clenched his jaw, and tightened his fingers— as he moved Lex with just enough force to be almost convincing when he carefully pushed Lex backward, gently guiding him around nearby equipment.

Lex had been manhandled many times in the past and was familiar with observing others actions in the extended nano-second time-frame, so he found little difficulty in comparing their actions to Clark’s actions. He quickly realized that Clark’s actions had quickly become another way of literally pushing Lex away—before Lex could openly reject him.

While inherently aggressive on the surface, Clark’s execution became too careful, too calculated, and too controlled. In the briefest of seconds, it had become an act… almost a bluff. At that realization, Lex almost broke into grin because, if there was one thing he knew from years under his father’s tutelage, it was how to handle it was a bluff… even a terrified bluff from someone who had no heart to follow it up.

When pushed Lex, Lex pushed back—harder, faster, and in the most sensitive spot possible. Generally, doing so was sufficient to dissuade those who were merely bluffing and leave him within easy-striking distance of those who weren’t. Where Clark was acting so carefully, harder and faster wouldn’t be difficult; but Lex felt a twinge of guilt at going for Clark’s weakest point… until Clark pressed him against the wall, pulled open the door, and growled “Is this easy enough? Just go! That should be easy enough.”

Taking a moment, Lex set his heels and looked over Clark’s shoulder to spot the bed and equipment. Then, smothering an apology to Clark, Lex jerked his hands up between Clark’s and pushed them outward throwing his hands off. Before Clark could recover from his surprise, Lex settled his palms firmly on Clark’s chest and pushed propelling Clark backwards a short distance to land soundly into the chair.

“No,” Lex growled, relying on instinct to supply his words, “You’re not my father. You don’t get to do that. No one does. Yes, you saw me outside your window. Of course, I was upset— not, because I think you are a freak… For heaven’s sake, Clark, you weren’t the only one out in the storm that day… you weren’t the only one affected by the meteors… How can you look at me and not recognize that?” Building up steam as he went, Lex swiped a hand across his forehead to make his point.

“Clark, I was angry… I was angry with you for not telling me. I was angry with them…” he jerked his head toward the window, “for telling me… much of which I had already suspected, but I was waiting for you to tell me… Don’t you get it? I was… hoping to find something I could do… something that would earn your trust. Now, how can I ever know, how can I ever be certain, if or when you chose to confide in me that it was out of trust. You know me better than anyone does. How can you not realize what that means?”

Looking abashed, and realizing how wrong his earlier assumptions had been, Clark sat up to interrupt, but Lex cut him short… “No, you finally had your say, now… I get mine… I was upset when I first left with you and your parents… so I went to the Talon to think. That’s some what ironic isn’t it. That’s generally where I go when I want to find you. But this time, I was trying to get away from you – to think about how I really felt about your secrets without worrying about saying something that would unintentionally hurt your feelings. So naturally, I go to one of the places that I associate with you. Well, imagine my surprise, when I get there, and find out that there were even more secrets that I didn’t know that you didn’t tell me about—secrets that you had kept from me because you didn’t want to hurt me. Do you know angry I was to hear that you had kept me in the dark about everything that’s happened since you’re little summer vacation?” Lex had intended to finish by saying that his anger had been directed at himself for not being someone that Clark could confide in, but Clark’s reaction stole his words.


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you are EVIL!!!!!!!!!! this is such a cliffhanger!!!!!!!!! I am reading totally breathless here, and then you STOPPPED!!!!!!!!!! EVIL; I am DEMANDING more NOW:....I am resorting to BLACKMAIL, diane if you are not posting asap, I am NOT going to rec you!!! I was planning to!!!!EVIL
uuf, ok, venting does not really helps..
I am just going to watch your clex vid instead.

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