Monday, April 04, 2005

What Were You Thinking?

Title: What were you thinking?
Genre: PG 13, Drabble,
Disclaimer: Can’t own them: Lex has prior title on Clark, and I can’t afford Lex.
Summary: Self-sacrifice can be very tiring.

What Were You Thinking?

When Clark’s eyes finally opened, Lex snapped. He had been worried for too long: sitting, reading, eating, sleeping, working by Clark’s bedside—waiting for the teen to come out of his coma.

Instead of the warm, loving, sad, hurt looks that Clark dreaded, he woke to honest anger and, for the first time in months, felt calm.

“What were you thinking of?” Lex screamed at him.

Clark wanted to finally answer his friend’s question. This question had an answer he could give freely. But, unable to move or speak, answered the only way he could—by slipping back into Oblivion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, Please write more. I would also like know what he was thinking

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