Monday, April 04, 2005

Losing It.

Title: Losing it.
Genre: PG 13, Hurt and Comfort, Drabble, Implied bdsm
Disclaimer: I would love to collar them both and keep them at my beck and call, but they aren’t mine.
Summary: Clark needs to give it away.

Losing It.

"Can't you at least try to tell me what's wrong?"

It was a cruel paradox that when Clark planned on dying he'd confessed everything to Lex; but, when he couldn't decide whether to live or not, he wouldn't let Lex help.

"I'm losing it!"


”Control: of my mind, myself, everything."

Lex smiled softly as he rested his palms on Clark’s shoulders. "Oh, Clark."

He closed his fingertips to cup the back of Clark’s neck and whispered in his friend's ear: “The secret to keeping control is...”

Lex’s thumbs closed over Clark’s adam’s apple like a collar.

“giving it away.”


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