Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lap Dog

Title: Lap Dog
Sequel: Sacrifice
Genre: R, Drama, Angst, Sacrifice, Dodecal (144 words)
Disclaimer: Well, no one gave them to me even as a late birthday present. Maybe next year??
Summary: Clark and Lionel negotiated a payment for Lex’s innocence, and Lionel wants a deposit.

“What do you want?” Resignation and revulsion
mingle in Clark’s tone.
“A lap dog, a whipping boy, and a pound of flesh.”
Lionel opens his lead-lined briefcase, revealing
green glowing restraints. (Sacrifice)

Lap Dog

“What the hell?” Clark shudders backing away … into Dominic’s grip.

“Let’s just call this a show of good faith.” Lionel smiles invitingly as he leans forward to secure a gem studded leather collar around Clark’s throat.

“No!!!” Clark cringes as radiation seeps from the collar’s kryptonite studs.

“Have you changed your mind then?”

“No,” Clark gasps, “But, you don’t… need that.”

“It’s not about what I need.”

Clark tries to meet Lionel’s eyes, but the kryptonite lethargy wins.

“I don’t …” But, his claim sounds flat and false even to him.

“Dominic…” Lionel tightens his fingers around Clark’s throat as the boy starts to fight Dominic’s unseen hands stripping him.

“I thought that you were willing to buy Lex’s innocence.”

Clark stills, flushing brightly.

“Good boy.” Pulling the boy onto his knee, Lionel smirks as he begins to pet his reluctant lap dog.


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