Saturday, April 23, 2005

Chapter 27: Delivery

Eldritch turned after locking the driver’s side door, to find Lionel Luthor standing uncomfortably close behind her.

“Ms. Eldritch, am I to understand that you have some interesting information about the young Mr. Kent.”

Eldritch grinned in triumph—knowing that she finally had his full attention.

“Indeed, I do.” Eldritch started to step around him, when his hand barred her way and gestured toward his limo—inviting her to join him.

As they drove away, Eldritch discussed what the barmaid had said and enjoyed his broadening grin. When she finished, Lionel gestured to his well-dressed personal assistant, who was sitting beside the chauffer then distracted Eldritch, asking… “I generally like to reward my employees when they’ve performed so well. Miss Eldritch, which would you prefer? Maxine’s? Or, La fleur d’lyss?”

While Eldritch mused over which of the two most expensive restaurant’s in Metropolis sounded more tempting, she kept a tentative ear on their business discussion… in case anything interesting came up.

“Mr. Luthor, the gentleman would like to know whether you would like one or both packages delivered tomorrow.”

“Only the one for now. The other will be scheduled for a later date.”

The assistant typed his response into the smallest blackberry/pda that Eldritch had ever seen.

“Sir, he is concerned about the current condition of the package and does not want to be held responsible for any damage that may occur in delivery.”

The graciousness of Lionel’s response impressed Eldritch when he waived his hand in a tut-tut gesture, saying “As long as there is enough left to test, condition is irrelevant.”


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