Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Chapter 24: Caution

As soon as Clark’s parents had pulled out of the driveway, after leaving what Lex thought was probably all of Clark’s casual wardrobe in a single suitcase, Lex changed quickly, grabbed an already packed overnight kit, and left for the hospital. Although he hadn’t mentioned it to the Kents, the little nurse’s caution that Clark shouldn’t be left alone had hovered at the back of Lex’s thoughts … particularly after Martha mentioned that Clark had sent them home so he could rest.

After the morning’s revelations, Lex was certain that rest was the last thing on Clark’s mind. While he was driving to the hospital, Lex had tried to pin down what concerned him most about the nurse’s warning… deciding almost as he had arrived, that without someone to keep Clark focused on the present, he might give-in to whatever emotional injury was already present.

Earlier at the campsite, then later poolside, and later still in the hospital, when Lex had looked in Clark’s eyes, he had the impression that Clark was sinking beneath the impact of whatever had happened.

More than that, it had seemed, at least earlier, as if Clark simply did not have the strength to stay focused on what was going on in the moment.


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