Monday, April 04, 2005

Cell Doors

Elba in Exile—Series

Title: Cell Doors.
Genre: PG 13, Drabble
Disclaimer: Disclaiming nothing—This I own.
Summary: Sometimes forgetting is easy.

Cell Doors

Elba felt the cell door slam behind her as she took off her hematite ring and slipped it into her clubbing purse. It startled her because for two hours, she had forgotten that she was in prison.

Easy enough to do – while she was sipping Kahlua and Crème, between drawing the cue through her fingertips and taking almost random shots at the evasive, reluctantly-sinking, billiard balls.

Easier still—when she caught a random eye in the crowd, cocked her head in invitation, and stepped onto the dance floor. For two hours, it was easy to forget—then she went home.


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