Sunday, March 20, 2005

What He Didn't Know.

Title: What he didn’t know
Genre: PG 13, Pre-slash, Drabble
Disclaimer: Not mine (sniff), but I’d like them (pout). Please? (puppy eyes).
Summary: Lex considers Clark’s touches.

What He Didn’t Know.

Lex couldn’t believe it when he first noticed. It was so unlike Clark, who was –despite his obviously forced lies- the most honest and open person that Lex had ever met. But, after watching Clark just one afternoon, Lex knew that Clark never touched anyone.

He saved people of course: moving them, carrying them, pushing them, or doing whatever else it took to save them. But, he never simply reached out and touched them.

It was a strange distinction to notice, Lex knew, but what he didn’t know or understand was why Clark’s not touching someone else mattered to him.


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