Thursday, March 31, 2005


Title: Oops
Genre: Humor, A Barely Pre-slash Drabble
Rating: PG 13 (if you’re old enough to catch the meaning, you’re probably old enough to read it.)
Disclaimer: I have no ownership rights over these two, but love to imagine them in well-tooled leather collars with my initials on their tags.
Summary: Lex really hadn’t meant to…


Lex really hadn’t meant to upset Clark. They were best friends and he wanted to protect that.

That was why he continued to indulge Clark’s penchant for late night rides ... in expensive sportscars.

He hadn’t even noticed Clark watching his hand…

On the stick-shift...


Fingering the chrome shaft...

Circling his thumb across it’s hand polished cap, until…

He heard Clark’s soft groan.


Shooting his friend a concerned glance, Lex noticed the sheen of sweat on Clark’s upper lip.

“Everything all right?”


Following his gaze, Lex could almost have said “Oops” if he weren't grinning so broadly.


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