Sunday, February 27, 2005


Title: Tarnished
Genre: PG, Drama, A Drabble Poem, Angst, Lex’s Pov
Disclaimer: Not mine. Can’t have ‘em, stopped hoping for ‘em, still want ‘em.
Summary: Clark’s back from Metropolis and hiding from friends.



Crouched, in a shadowy corner,
Thinks Lex:
Clark should never be…
Haunted, daunted,
Hiding… so desperately.

Head down,
Fallen crown, a prince lost in the wood,
Thinks Lex:
A fallen angel, with a broken wing,
His mere presence, his physical sense,
A quiet, haunting thing.

Hidden eyes,
Concealed lies, he says he’s home for good,
Thinks Lex:
He’s home at last from wandering,
but still seems lost, having paid the cost,
Of his three month fling.

Violent, regretful mourner,
Thinks Lex:
Mourning friendships that never died,
Too wired to rest, Afraid to test,
Leaves willing friends untried.


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