Friday, February 25, 2005


Title: Graffiti
Genre: PG 13. Pre-slash, Drabble (Sequel to Coming out)
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, don’t expect to, but still hoping for a late-late birthday present.
Summary: There’s writing on the wall, but none of it’s good.


Perched, unseen, at the top of the stair well, Lex watched Clark’s approach, longing to break something with each hissed epithet and dirty look aimed at the boy. Feigning indifference, Clark pushed through the crowd, into his dorm-room, and slammed the door that a broken lock won’t hold.

From his perch, Lex heard Clark’s backpack striking the wall and sliding to the floor, the splash of running water, then the scratching of sand paper as Clark scrubbed graffiti off the wall. From the door, Lex heard Clark speaking in soft undertones to his picture: “God, Lex, I hate it here”.


Blogger SlashBunny said...

Great story and I hope that you will follow up . I am very interested in seeing Clark justify his retisence in informing Lex about what he has been facing. I am also rather intrigued at the school's stance regarding the hate crimes of which Clark has been a victim. It seems that the school should bear some responsibility since it is not a crime to BE anything, but it is a crime to vandalize and destroy property for any reason. I like your writing style very much.

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