Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gimme a Reason

Title: Gimme a Reason
Genre: PG 13, Drama Drabble, Angst, Hurt and little comfort.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, but would love a late birthday present.
Summary: Clark needs a reason to hold on… in exactly 100 words.

Gimme a Reason

His gift—St. George’s Armor—a lead box sits on the table, a painful centerpiece that Lex desperately wants to take back. But, Clark can reach it faster, and wants to release the dragon inside: Vann’s kryptonite bullet. While the gun in Clark’s hand is still empty, Lex still has a chance.

“Give me the box.”

“Gimme a reason.”

“Your parents.”

“Enough once.” He opens it.

“Your destiny.”

“Clarissa’s vision… Jor-El’s vision” More Dragons yet to be.

“Our destiny.”

“The stuff legends are made of? ... Legends aren’t real, Lex.”

Lex’s lips feel real enough to hold the dragons at bay.


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