Thursday, February 24, 2005


Title: Cassandra
Genre: Drama Drabble, PG 13, Angst, Fears and Comfort
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, but would love a late birthday present.
Summary: Before Cassandra dies her comforting words have some hope for Clark, but as time passes, only the images remain. (100 words).


Clark perched over the bridge’s railing when Lex finally found him.

Oddly fragile… in Lana’s necklace?

“You should have hit me harder.”


“I should have died.”


“Everyone else will. Cassandra showed me.”

“She showed you what, exactly?”

“My hands bloody and gravestones: Chloe’s, Lana’s, Mom’s, Dad’s, Pete’s …”


“No.” Clark’s head tilted curiously, he paused awkwardly over the rail, then slipped.

Lex grabbed out, but Clark plunged toward the river.

Rushing down the embankment, Lex found Clark at the water’s edge.

“You knew?”

“You don’t have to be Psychic to see.”

Lana’s necklace dangled from his fingertips.


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