Wednesday, November 03, 2004


After learning from a news report that one of the criminals that Clark partnered with during his self-exile had died in a violent shoot-out with the metropolis authorities after killing numerous hostages in a botched bank-robbery, Clark finds that he can not come to terms with the guilt he feels that he did not try to stop the criminal before returning to Smallville. Self-loathing plagues the increasingly depressed Clark until he is unable to sleep, eat, or bear the company of friends and family, who go on living their day-to-day lives oblivious of his perceived guilt in the matter. Several days later, Clark again chooses self-exile, but this time to the depths of the Smallville’s nearest forest to wrestle with the inner demons eating away at both him mentally and physically. Afraid to report Clark’s disappearance to the sheriff and unable to get any information from the illusive recording of Jor-El in the Kowachee caves; Martha and Jonathon Kent finally turn to Lex for help. Unbeknownst to Lex or the Kents, one of Lionel’s plants immediately report Clark’s arrival at Lex’s manner (in a wretched state), and Lionel sends some highly-paid and determined employees to retrieve Clark before Lex or the Kents can help him come to terms with his guilt. It’s up to Lex to find Clark, protect the physically and emotionally-wreaked Clark from Lionel’s henchmen, and confront his own inner demons as well as Clark’s … if he can resist the temptation to use Clark’s wretched state to his own advantage.


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