Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Chapter 9: Revelations

In the moment it took for Clark to release Lex's hand, Lex had read it all in Clarks eyes, and looking up, realized that Jonathon had as well. Blindsided by the realization that Jonathon would see through whatever excuse that he made to stay, Lex was speechless for several seconds as he cast about for the correct response.

"Lex?" Jonathon asked, beating him to the punch, "before you go, could I speak with you for a moment?"

"Certainly, Mr. Kent," Lex answered smoothly, avoiding Clark's glance as he followed Jonathon out the door. Well here it comes.

"Let's take a walk?" Jonathon invited, forestalling Lex as he tried to test the waters.

Leaving the hospital, the two men walked in almost-companionable silence for several minutes while Lex wondered what Jonathon had in mind and how long it would take for him to discuss it. As they neared Smallville's mainstreet, he noticed Jonathon react to something he had apparently been looking for as they walked. When he found it, Jonathon gestured them toward a park bench where he knelt to pick up a small stone before they sat down.

Rolling the stone idly in his hands, Jonathon tested his senses for even the slightest indication that the meteor rock’s energy was interacting with the Jor-El’s residual energy. It was only Jonathon’s hunch that the green meteor energy could cause some physical effect to show Lex. It had certainly caused devastating physical transformations in other Smallville citizens, but as Martha had pointed out, there was no way of predicting how the energy Jor-El had charged Jonathon with would react. It was a risk; Jonathon and Martha both knew that even though neither had the heart to mention what the green meteor key had done to space ship. It was a risk; but, after discussing Jor-El’s lecture, both he and Martha had agreed that they needed to do something to stave off Lex’s potential questions if he was to be Clark’s confidant.

"Lex, did you know that it took me almost two years to realize how alike you and Clark are?" Glancing up to catch Lex’s reaction, Jonathon broke out laughing at the bizarre look of absolute astonishment on Lex’s face. Nothing Jonathon could have said would have astonished him more. Although they were well-matched as friends, Lex recognized few similarities between he and Clark: in sophistication, experience, manner, personality… in every almost every aspect that came to Lex’s mind – they were polar opposites.

“No, I’m serious. You may not see it; but, where it counts, when it counts – Lex, both you and Clark do whatever needs to be done to protect the people you care about. That sets you apart, but there are other similarities, as well.” Jonathon paused looking down at the stone rolling between his fingers. If you are going to, now’s the time to work. Delaying just a moment longer, he mentally searched for any trace of Jor-El’s power trying to draw it closer and closer to the surface where it could trigger some effect from the meteor.

"You both have an innate understanding and respect for each other's privacy even though you would both feel more comfortable knowing each others truths;" Jonathon paused to be certain he had Lex's full attention when he continued "both of your lives were changed by the meteor shower..." Gotcha he thought smugly as Lex's head snapped up, but his voice softened as he continued "and both of you understand what it is to be an outcast!"


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