Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Chapter 12: Decisions

Lex’s thoughts quickly traced the obvious physical and medical threat the meteors would pose for Clark to the deeper emotional scars (that he knew of simply being and knowing himself to be different as Clark must have). And then, in a split instance of intuition, his thoughts went beyond the obvious dangers to the underlying metaphysical wounds Clark must have suffered growing up with knowledge of the meteor’s effects, watching friends and classmates warped by the meteors turn on the people they once cared about, and wondering if and when he would be changed. Lex felt he finally understood why Clark always seemed so desperate to claim that he was normal, and finally, how it must have felt whenever something cropped up to remind him that he wasn’t normal.

When Lex and Jonathon finally locked eyes, Jonathon caught a brief glimpse of what he had only guessed – the depth of understanding that rested beneath the surface of the two boy’s friendship. Lex understood Clark in a way that Jonathon – whose only youthful constraints were the common restrictions that most farming families placed on their teenage sons – never could. In that brief glimpse, Jonathon saw only a hint of Lex’s own unspoken wounds coming to the surface as he considered Clark’s early life. In that instant – despite the many fears and reservations he still held — that Lex could not escape the shadow of his father, Jonathon knew with absolute clarity that Lex was the only one who might have a chance to turn around the impending decline Jor-El had warned of… Lex was the only one who could prevent Clark’s death.

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